Thursday, 5 April 2012

Inside Investment

Dear Inside Investing Daily reader,

The man who predicted the Fall of Communism is now predicting the Fall of Capitalism...

He's dined with the Rockefellers...He's hung out with the Clinton's...banged heads with the Beltway...and meddled with the media monopolies...He was the biggest name of the '80s and '90s investment newsletter world.

And in his first controversial video production in 17 years, he reveals news of a landmark development, which he believes will set off the most violent economic reversal in history... one that carries the power to bring down not just the American financial world, but the entire capitalist system...

Watch this controversial video, send it to everyone you know, before the Powers that Be wipe it from the Internet...Warn them of the shocking event to come, and move quickly now to protect your assets and your loved ones...


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Brian O'Connor
Associate Publisher
Strategic Investment