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Penang Street Food

Sungai Ara Food

1. Mun Lock Hooi, Jalan Tengah
(a) Fish Head Noodle Sungai Ara

Located just opposite the police station, Jalan Tengah, is a locally famous fish head noodle stall, and a well known choo char restaurant. The fish head noodle is opened from morning till lunchtime,from 11a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday is closed.

(b)Seng Cheong Seafood(胜昌海鲜)
The same location is also the site for the open air choo char(煮炒)restaurant, Seng Cheong Seafood(胜昌海鲜), which only open at night. Their famous dish included Mongol Tao Fu(蒙古豆腐), Vietnam chicken(越南鸡),mayonis prawn, fish head curry(without coconut milk, Indian style) etc

2. Sungai Ara Hokkien Mee(新港雙六記茶餐室旁街邊福建面)@ Double Luck
It is located opposite double luck(or double 6) coffee shop(雙六記茶餐室), located at the left of the road side, Jalan Sungai Ara 1. The stall is under the tree, and beside an Indian coffee stall. However, you can order the Hokkien Mee(or Hokkien noodle or prawn noodle), and enjoy it at the coffee shop, instead of eating at the road side under the hot sun. The special feature about the noodle is that it include many ingredient e.g. tu-gua(pig liver), tu-puei(pig skin), shio-bak(grilled pork), eng-chai(kangkong vegetable),tao-geh(bean sprout), boiled egg and small prawn. You can also asked for the lor-mee( noodle with starch base).

3. Goh Teow Kee Restaurant((吴潮记菜馆)

The restaurant is located at the main road, Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim. A popular teochew restaurant, which has three branches,namely Taman Sri Nibong, Gurney Drive and this restaurant, Sungei Ara Branch.

Its Steamed Cod Fish and their special tofu, Siamese food, pork ribs...e.g. Braised Teochew Toufu with Leek(潮州豆干焖青蒜), Teochew Steamed Fish(潮州蒸时鱼), Waterchestnut Fresh Prawn Ball(饶平马蹄鲜虾枣), Steamed Fish Ball with Ginger and Roasted Garlic(清蒸乒乓鱼丸)etc

For Teochew restaurant, do not leave without tasting the Teochew dessert, yam paste or Or-nee(芋泥), the restaurant offered their or-nee, which is Yam Paste with Ginko Nut and Sesame Seed(潮洲芋泥白果).

4. Assam Laksa
opposite Sek Men Keb Sg Ara(but not directly, located at an open space under the Angsana trees at Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, Sungai Ara. Near Fisherman Grill.

5. Fisherman Grill Restaurant
Located at 300, Jalan Relau(now Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim), Desaria, Sg ara; directly opposite the SMK Sungai Ara. It is the end lot of the row of shophouses, which is painted with blue colour. It provided mainly western food.

6. Mee Jalil(Mee Goreng)
It is a road site stall along Jalan Kenari, after the traffic light junction in front of SMK Sg Ara. It is across the road just in front of the Chinese coffee shop TYY, the same row with Fisherman Grill. He usually opens in evening around 6-7pm and his noodles finishes before 8.30pm. But beware he sometime will be closing for a few days,even during the week days. Business opening time may be unpredictable.

7. Simpang Empat Yam Rice@ Kafeteria TYY
Located inside the Kafeteria TYY((晨陽咖啡屋), the corner lot of shop houses same row with Fisherman Grill which is located at the other end lot, Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim; after Jalan Kenari traffic light junction, turn right to the coffee shop. The yam rice come with the kiam-chai Te'ng (ham choy tong), and you also also can order pig leg vinegar(chi-kiok-swin).

8. Hokkien Mee at Ching Ying Coffee Shop @ Sungai Ara Wet Market
Coffee shops around the wet market provided choices for Penang hawker food/street food.
Located just behind the Chong Cheng Chinese school. The Hokkien Mee(or Prawn Noodle) at Ching Ying Coffee Shop is one of the popular stall.

Sungei Ara Morning Market
Located at Tingkat Sungai Ara 1, from the entrance of Jalan Sungei Ara 1, just opposite Jalan Tengah/Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim traffic junction. It is relatively new wet market building, outside the market building are the stalls selling fruits, chicken, cakes/kuih, newspaper etc. There is a row of shops beside the market building, where the 3 coffee shops are located. The one at the corner is Kedai Kopi Siang Tatt, which is popular due to choices of food offered, at the centre of the row is Ching Ying Coffee Shop(where the Hokkien Mee is popular), and there is another one at the end lot.

The view of the street, in front of the market building. The building on left is Kedai Kopi Siang Tatt .

The wet market building

The section selling fishes & seafood,inside the building

The stalls outside the market building

The man selling roasted chicken, roasted duck and Char siew (grilled pork) and roasted pork(sio- ba)

The woman frying koay-ka, just outside Kedai Kopi Siang Tatt

Kedai Kopi Siang Tatt, a popular place for breakfast for their choices.

Inside Siang Tatt coffee shop

The orderly line of food hawkers corner , inside Siang Tatt coffee shop

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