Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Coming War on China

Speaking in the documentary, James Bradley, author of The China Mirage, said: "If you were in Beijing and standing on the tallest building and looking out over the Pacific Ocean, you would see American warships.

"You would see the island of Guam is about the sink because there are so many missiles pointed at China. "You would look at Korea and see American armaments pointing at China, you see Japan which is basically a glove over the American fist.

"I think if I was Chinese I would have a little to worry about with American aggressiveness."

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John Pilger's new film will be shown on ITV on December 6

The majority of the US navy has been deployed to Asia and the Pacific, Pilger claims in the documentary – with the massive military build-up known in Washington as the "Pivot to Asia".

China's economy is continuing to expand and looks to threaten US dominance on the global scene – with confrontations between the powers brewing ever since the Cold War.

Earlier this year, the US deployed nuclear capable bombers to its military base in Guam as the threat of World War 3 boiled through the South China Sea.

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A full blown war over South China Sea Islands awaits U.S.-China?

The United States on Monday promised to ensure the United States would prevent China from taking over territory in international waters in the South China Sea.

“The U.S. is going to make sure that we protect our interests there,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said when asked if the new U.S. president agreed with comments by his Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson earlier this month that China should not be allowed access to islands it has built in the disputed South China Sea.

“It’s a question of if those islands are in fact in international waters and not part of China proper, then yeah, we’re going to make sure that we defend international territories from being taken over by one country,” he said

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Is Trump ready for war in the South China Sea, or is his team just not being clear?

as this a prelude to a major escalation in the South China Sea, or is the Trump administration foreign policy team having trouble articulating itself?

On Monday, new White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the United States would prevent China from taking over territory in international waters in the South China Sea.

His comments were widely interpreted as doubling down on remarks by Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, on Jan. 11 that the United States would not allow China access to islands it has built in the South China Sea, and upon which it has installed weapons systems and built military-length airstrips.

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China says will protect South China Sea sovereignty
Hua Chunying, spokeswoman of China's Foreign Ministry, speaks at a regular news conference in Beijing, China, January 6, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee

China said on Tuesday it had "irrefutable" sovereignty over disputed islands in the South China Sea after the White House vowed to defend "international territories" in the strategic waterway.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer in his comments on Monday signaled a sharp departure from years of cautious US handling of China's assertive pursuit of territorial claims in Asia.

"The US is going to make sure that we protect our interests there," Spicer said when asked if Trump agreed with comments by his secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson. On Jan. 11, Tillerson said China should not be allowed access to islands it has built in the contested South China Sea.


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US pledges to ‘protect our interests’ in South China Sea

The White House on Monday said the US would protect its interests in international waters in the South China Sea but refused to say whether it would attempt to block China from accessing artificial islands in the disputed area.

Rex Tillerson, the former ExxonMobil chief executive nominated by Donald Trump for secretary of state, angered China this month by declaring that the US would attempt to prevent China from accessing islands where it has been building runways and other facilities that have potential military use.

In his first press conference, Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, said the US would prevent China from taking over any islands located in international waters in the region.
War over Taiwan undesirable, but not unthinkable

Chinese and Western security analysts tasked with imagining a Taiwan conflict generally start with a disclaimer — a war pitting the United States and China is unpredictable and a pretty bad idea under most circumstances.

A few scenarios begin with China developing an insurgency on Taiwan, which Beijing considers a breakaway province that must be reunited. Others begin with miscalculations of the opposing side’s intentions.

While multinational conflict over China’s claims to the South China Sea has grabbed more attention in recent years, Taiwan’s status as an unrecognized sovereign state with U.S. support has never been far from the minds of Asia-Pacific military strategists.


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

"The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes."

Donald Trump is tweeting about nukes

Today is a good day to look back on one of Hillary Clinton’s favorite Trump quips, fittingly preserved on Twitter:
"A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes. "
By the end of the presidential campaign, Trump had had enough of this critique; at a debate, he told Clinton the line was “starting to get a little bit old.” But controversy over Trump’s military maturity may be renewed after the president-elect tweeted a call to expand US nuclear capabilities.
"The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes."
As with so many of Trump’s short-form statements, it’s not clear what he means by “until the world comes to its sense regarding nukes”—we’ve asked his press team, and will update with any reply.

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China 'Closely Following' Trump Comments on Nuclear Policy

China said Friday that countries with the largest nuclear arsenals should take the lead in disarmament, after President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin said they wanted to strengthen their nations' nuclear capabilities.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters at a regular briefing Beijing is "paying close attention" to what nuclear weapons policy Trump's administration will follow.

After meeting with Pentagon officials and defense contractors a day earlier, Trump tweeted Thursday: "The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.

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''Let it be an arms race'', says President-elect Donald Trump

Donald Trump has reportedly said ‘‘let it be an arms race,’‘ the day after he called for the US to strengthen and expand its nuclear capability.

The President-elect is said to have made the comment in an interview with MSNBC which had sought clarification over Thursday’s tweet in which he threatened a major ramping up of the US’s atomic arsenal.

Earlier, Trump’s transition team released a letter they say was sent from the Kremlin.

Trump, Promising Arms Race, Could Set World on Uncertain Path

If President-elect Donald J. Trump meant what he said, then the world may one day look back to recall that the first superpower nuclear arms race since the Cold War was announced by two pajama-clad talk show hosts.

“Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all,” Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, said on Friday. She and her co-host, curled up in holiday-themed nightwear in front of a fake fireplace, said the quote was a statement from Mr. Trump, elaborating on a Twitter message on nuclear weapons.

Mr. Trump has a history of bluster and his declarations may turn out to be bluffs. But should he follow through on instigating a nuclear arms race, the consequences could be severe. Best estimates of likely Russian and Chinese responses offer a concerning guide. So do lessons from the Cold War arms race, which brought the world so close to the brink that once-hostile American and Soviet adversaries worked to reverse the competition they had once seen as essential.

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Trump's comments on nuclear weapons rattle U.S. officials and foreign leaders

Donald Trump shook up long-standing international security norms Friday by reportedly suggesting a renewed arms race, a day after he tweeted that the United States should “greatly strengthen and expand” its nuclear weapons capability.

Trump’s meaning was sufficiently cryptic, perhaps deliberately so, that disarmament experts, foreign leaders and U.S. officials were left off balance — and unsure if he plans to upend U.S. policy on nuclear arms after he enters the White House in 28 days.

Since his election, Trump has rocked the foreign policy establishment by praising Russian President Vladimir Putin, and by speaking to the president of Taiwan and questioning the “One China” policy that only recognizes Beijing.

Donald Trump challenges world to nuclear arms race
"Let it be an arms race"

The President elect said the US would 'outlast' and 'outmatch' other nations - but didn't say which countries he was referring to

Donald Trump challenged the world to a nuclear arms race this morning, after calling for the US to “greatly” expand its weapons arsenal. He told MSNBC: “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.”

It follows widespread concern over a tweet the President elect sent last night, saying: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

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Donald Trump: "Let there be an arms race"

Donald Trump has escalated his calls for a larger American nuclear arsenal, saying he is relaxed with an “arms race” in an off-air call with MSNBC’s Morning Joe.
“Let it be an arms race,” the President-Elect said, “We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.”
Confusion over Trump’s nuclear policy began with a tweet in which he said that “the United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

The President-Elect has said that the United States will "outpass and outlast" its rivals if there is a nuclear arms race.

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Donald Trump Wants to Build Up America’s Nuclear Arsenal

Donald Trump called for a nuclear arms build-up Thursday, a day after meeting with top Pentagon brass and Russian President Vladimir Putin made his own speech calling for his country to strengthen its arsenal.

In a tweet sent while on vacation at his Mar-a-Lago estate, the president-elect said, “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” Trump met with eight generals and admirals Wednesday as part of a briefing on U.S. military procurement needs, including Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein, the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration.

It is unclear whether Trump’s comments reflect a desire to change U.S. policy, or a reflection of his support for existing U.S. plans to expend nearly $1 trillion over the coming decade on modernizing and upgrading the nation’s aging nuclear arsenal and delivery systems.

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US will outlast everyone in nuclear arms race: Trump

Washington, Dec 23 (PTI) President-elect Donald Trump on today reportedly said he is fine with a nuclear arms race and exuded confidence that the US would outlast any another country in terms of atomic weapons.

Trump reportedly said this in an off-air conversation to Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the popular Morning-Joe show on MSNBC, the news channel said. "Let it be an arms race...we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all," Trump told Brzezinski in an off-air conversation as reported by her during the Friday morning show.

Trumps comments comes a day after he tweeted that "The US must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes". The tweet raised concerns among foreign policy watchers.

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Keep Donald Trump’s Finger Off The Nuclear Button

It’s too late to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. But it is not too late to stop him from impulsively blowing up the planet.

With the stroke of a pen, President Barack Obama could take our nuclear missiles off high alert, making sure that President Trump could not launch them rashly. If he doesn’t do this, we will all regret it.

It’s like wishing you had locked the door before you left the house. Or made sure the gun wasn’t loaded before you put it on the shelf. Or wishing you hadn’t stored gasoline quite so close to the furnace.

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Trump’s Nuclear Weapons Tweet, Translated and Explained

The last time the United States declared its nuclear weapons policy, in 2010, it required a year of deliberation and a fussed-over
64-page report to set it out.

President-elect Donald J. Trump appears to have done so in only 140 characters, forcing analysts and foreign states to divine United States policy from a few brief words.

Whether Mr. Trump knows it or not, nuclear weapons policy has a meticulous language all its own, meant to signal clearly to allies and adversaries. But his words fall outside that language, creating several possible interpretations with a wide range of meanings and ramifications for the world — as well as an uncertainty that is itself destabilizing, analysts warn.

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Beijing Says US Regularly Spy in Its Waters

China brought up on Monday the case of the American drone captured in the South China Sea to denounce the fact that Pentagon ships and aircraft regularly enter its territorial waters for surveillance activities.

“U.S. ships and aircraft have been carrying out close reconnaissance and surveillance activities” in “China’s coastal waters,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying and urged Washington to put a stop to these activities.

According to Beijing, these activities have been going on for a long time and endanger navigation security of the area.

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The Chinese ‘red line’ in Asia that could spark a war

In 1996 the USS Independence was part of two carrier battlegroups sent to the South China Sea to monitor Chinese military activity in the area. Photo: Reuters

The South China Sea — despite all of the controversy, so-called “historical claims” and the growing chances of blood being spilled over it — is the beating heart of Asia’s economy.

The rationale for such a statement is straightforward. This vital part of the global commons, home to some US$5.3 trillion in seaborne trade, is the world’s richest shipping route, carrying critical natural resources that power China, Japan, South Korea and many other Asian economies.

Economics demand that the South China Sea is a strategic waterway of the upmost importance. From massive island building and militarization of such features by Beijing, Washington’s freedom of navigation operations (FONOPS), to nations like Vietnam who are working to reinforce and militarize their own claims, what has been dubbed “Asia’s Cauldron” will certainly remain one of the Asia-Pacific’s great hotspots for years to come.

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Donald Trump is on a collision course with China
Donald Trump's antagonism towards China is a gamble without an upside. AP

The biggest surprise since Donald Trump's election victory is his decision to pick a fight with China. Not once in his campaign did he mention the word Taiwan. Yet all of a sudden there is now a threat over America's "One China" policy - a bedrock in today's unstable global order.

Beijing has so far chosen to blame a wily Taiwan for the call between Mr Trump and his Taiwanese counterpart - the US president-elect is " as ignorant as a child", says China's state media. On Sunday China agreed to return an underwater drone it had seized from a US naval vessel. Mr Trump claimed it had been stolen. China accused him of "overhyping" the incident. Next time, Beijing is unlikely to let him off the hook so easily.

Without realising it, the US electorate appears to have opened the gates to a new cold war in which America's hand will be far less strong than it was first time round. One of the reasons the US won the original one was its skill at breaking China away from the Soviet block.

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Trump versus China: the ‘madman’ strategy

“When two elephants fight against each other, the grass always suffers,” said Yu-Fang Lin of the National Policy Foundation, a Taiwan-based think tank, in an interview with The Washington Times. He was talking about the famous phone call between Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and Donald Trump on Dec. 2. If the United States and China get into a military confrontation, Lin suggested, it is Taiwan that will be crushed.

Beijing was outraged by that phone call, the first direct conversation between an official of the Taiwan government and an American president or president-elect in almost four decades, but it kept its fury in check. Beijing made an official complaint to Washington, but Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed the call as a “petty trick” by Taiwan. Chinese leaders, as puzzled as everybody else by the Trump phenomenon, were soft-pedaling the issue and hoping against hope that the president-elect wasn’t looking for a fight.

The alternative was just too frightening to contemplate. Yu-Fang Lin called it the “madman” strategy: Trump making himself “appear to be very dangerous and hostile and very unpredictable to scare the (Chinese) leaders” into concessions on various issues. Within days, Trump gave Lin’s theory wings.

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World War 3 tensions rise as China sends WAR FLEET towards Taiwan

China’s sole aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and five vessels were part of the armada that passed south of Taiwan in the early hours of Boxing Day.

The fleet passed 90 nautical miles out of Taiwan’s most southerly point via the Bashi Channel that runs between Taiwan and the Philippines.

The ships then passed southeast of the Pratas Islands, also controlled by Taiwan before heading southwest.

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China's Only Aircraft Carrier Engages in a Little Saber-Rattling
The flat top, Liaoning, passed through the Taiwan Strait, alarming the island's military

China's first and so far only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, passed through the Taiwan Strait early Wednesday, accompanied by a fleet of escorts. The passage of the carrier so close to what China considers a "breakaway province" was a thinly-veiled warning to the island not to seek full independence from Beijing. At the same time, the incoming U.S. Secretary of State vowed to block China's access to artificial islands in the South China Sea.

Long known to mariners as "The Black Ditch," the Taiwan Strait is 110 miles wide and separates the mainland People's Republic of China from the Republic of China. That is to say, China and Taiwan. The Taiwan Strait—and China's traditionally weak navy—are largely responsible for Taiwan's ability to maintain independence from China.

Liaoning's battle group consists of two Type 052C destroyers, one Type 052D destroyer, two Type 054A frigates, one Type 056A anti-submarine warfare corvette, and one Type 903A supply ship. An attack submarine, typically part of every U.S. carrier strike group to provide anti-submarine warfare support was theorized to be part of the Chinese group but remained unseen until New Years Day.

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China's 1st aircraft carrier sails into South China Sea

In a new show of force, China's first aircraft carrier and five other warships passed by Taiwan and sailed into the contested South China Sea on Monday, Taiwan's Defense Ministry reported Monday.

China's Defense Ministry said Saturday that the Liaoning carrier had set off for a routine open-sea exercise in the Western Pacific as part of its annual training. But its entering into the politically sensitive South China Sea follows rising tensions between Beijing and Taipei over the status of the self-ruled island.

The ships, led by the Liaoning, sailed past the Pratas Islands, also known as the Dongsha Islands, a Taiwan-controlled atoll in the northern part of the South China Sea, according to Taiwan.

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
China to put missiles on SCS man-made islands to guard airstrips

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China is mobilising hundreds of missiles to disputed islands, US officials claim
China may be preparing to move ‘hundreds’ of its surface-to-air missiles onto islands in the disputed South China Sea region

US military officials said the missiles, which Beijing recently shipped to its non-contested Hainan Island in the South China Sea, will be moved to the country’s disputed man-made islands over coming months.

The officials told Fox News Hainan Island would likely serve as a training site before the missiles are deployed early next year to the disputed Spratly Islands or Woody Islands.

The equipment includes a number of short, medium and long-range weapons. One of these, a military unit of the advanced SA-21 system, would be capable of knocking out aircraft from more than 400km away.

Recent Developments Surrounding the South China Sea

After China returned an underwater glider it seized from the U.S. Navy off the coast of the Philippines, the Philippine defense secretary said his government would put both Washington and Beijing on notice against what he called their unauthorized presence in the country's 200-mile exclusive economic zone.

It's the latest twist in Manila's attempt to move away from Washington's security umbrella and mend ties with China, its rival claimant in the South China Sea.

Washington says the USNS Bowditch, an oceanographic survey ship, was in international waters off Subic Bay when a Chinese ship snatched one of its underwater gliders last week. The Pentagon said the seizure was unlawful and vowed the U.S. will continue to "fly, sail, and operate in the South China Sea wherever international law allows."

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Testing waters: Confrontations between China and the US

China, which is a continental rather than maritime power, is not surrounded by a vast ocean that allows its submarines to go undetected – an attribute that the US and Russia possess and benefit from, Prof Zhang added.

With the threat of American monitoring activities in the South China Sea amplified by the danger of Japanese surveillance in the East China Sea up north, Prof Zhang said: “It is my reading that China thought the US was using the drone to track down one of its submarines and they felt that [they] had to act.”

Yet, while US president-elect Donald Trump was right to denounce the seizure in particular as “unprecedented”, this is not the first time both countries have locked horns at sea in the early stages of a new presidency.

America and China: Trading places on the world stage
Hague ruling: So are they rocks or islands?

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Drone incident hints at new tension in South China Sea

Beijing and Washington have recently handled a maritime incident in a low-profile and proper way as the Chinese navy handed back an American underwater drone it had captured in the South China Sea. But worries over potential conflicts in the waters in 2017 remain. Given that the US under Donald Trump could ratchet up pressure on China with "freedom of navigation" in the region, feasible and assuring measures to manage and control disparities between China and the US appear to be necessary.

The drone, an unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) able to carry sensors and weapons, is meant to help the US Navy enhance the awareness of the battleground. The Pentagon has iterated that they need to advance undersea warfare capabilities, which therefore leads Beijing to suspect the objectives of the device as more than "scientific research." Besides, the South China Sea has seen an increasing number of the elusive devices deployed by the US Navy. From time to time, Chinese fishermen have spotted such devices.

The US claimed the incident took place in the alleged "international waters," which ignores the international law - the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea provides no definition for such catchphrase. The US also doesn't seek approvals from littoral countries for its military activities conducted within their exclusive economic zone.

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Why China’s Seizure Of US Navy Drone Set A Dangerous Precedent
Vessels roam the waters of the East China Sea during a naval exercise, October 19, 2012. The Chinese navy conducted a joint exercise in the East China Sea with the country's fishery administration and marine surveillance agency on Friday. 11 vessels, eight planes and more than 1000 personnels took part in the drill, according to local reports. REUTERS/China Daily

The Chinese navy’s unlawful seizure of a U.S. naval underwater drone and America’s muted reaction may be setting a dangerous precedent.

A Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy warship seized a U.S. Navy unmanned underwater vehicle in the South China Sea last Thursday. The device was taken in the presence of a U.S. naval oceanographic vessel attempting to retrieve it. While the seizure occurred in the highly-contested South China Sea, the Pentagon reported that both the drone and the accompanying ship were operating legally in international waters.

The Department of State and the Pentagon protested the illegal seizure and demanded its return. The unmanned device was returned Tuesday

Civilians Helping Governments Stake Claims in South China Sea
In this photo provided by Renato Etac, Chinese Coast Guard members, wearing black caps and orange life vests, approach Filipino fishermen as they confront them off Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea

A statement from China that daily civilian charter flights would serve the contested sea off its south coast raises the growing profile of civilians as a tool for governments to bolster their claims in Asia’s most widespread sovereignty dispute.

The launch Thursday of flights from Haikou in southern China to Woody Island in the South China Sea, as reported by Beijing’s state-run Xinhua News Agency, extends Beijing’s broader campaign to build up the surrounding Paracel archipelago with military and other civilian presence.

That expansion has angered rival Paracel claimant Vietnam.


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China being 'forced to lash out at America' as citizens demand all-out WAR
WARPATH: China's Peoples' Liberation Army on the march

“If it gets out of control then you could see more protests and violence” Asian security expert Dr Chris Ogden told Daily Star Online that the communist regime had fostered fierce patriotism to help deflect criticism.

But now, with its people demanding action against America, he said the government couldn't necessarily control those emotions. "Once unleashed they are hard to control. State media has even warned against nationalist demonstrations," he said.

"There were equivalent demonstrations against Japan some years ago that couldn't be controlled by the government.

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Chinese war demands explode into violence as US firms hit by angry mobs

WARPATH: Chinese police protect KFC from protesters and, inset, President Xi Jinping

VIOLENT protests are rocking American businesses in China as the country erupts with demands for war. Chinese citizens are demanding war with the US after a longstanding territorial row exploded into life last week.

More than a million square miles of territory in the South China Sea are claimed by Beijing, but the Hague dismissed its claim. Now with America being blamed for the court's ruling, self-proclaimed patriots are protesting at American businesses operating in China.

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Fuming Chinese demand war as rulers agree to use 'all necessary measures' in clash with US
Chinese authorities have pledged to defend the territory claimed

An international tribunal yesterday ruled China has no right to more than a million square miles of territory it claims in the South China Sea.

Now Beijing, which has built artificial islands in the disputed area to defend its claim, has pledged to protect its claim by whatever means necessary.

Citizens of the communist state are even calling for war, taking to the national intranet and demanding action against America, which is perceived to be responsible.

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China fires 10 NUKE missiles which can 'destroy US bases at any time' as war fears loom

The missile flights were revealed by China Central Television and experts confirmed the missiles to be nuclear capable

Chinese state media reported the massive ballistic missile launch test as fears of war between Beijing and Washington loom.

Military officials boasted the missiles fired are capable of destroying "US Asia-Pacific bases at any time".

Both superpowers have been sitting at loggerheads as China hits back at US military deployments in the South China Sea.

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US ready for WAR on China with 400 bases of warships, nukes, and bombers mobilised

PERFECT NOOSE: 400 US army bases have encircled China with a ring of steel

Tensions have been boiling between the two world powers this year over the disputed South China Sea, with both sides holding huge military drills in flashpoints some fear could trigger World War 3.

US military forces have been accused of creating a "perfect noose" around China as they deploy 400 bases packed with warships, nukes and bombers to entrap and provoke the world's second richest superpower. This week Donald Trump seriously offended Chinese president Xi Jinping after a phonecall to Taiwan, and last week Beijing launched ten ballistic missiles in a show of force to the US.

Nuclear war is "no longer unthinkable" between the two colossal global forces as the US is accused of attempting to provoke war with China.

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‘You want a war, you'll get one' China in stark warning to US president to be Donald Trump

FACE OFF: Donald Trump's tough talk has fallen foul of China

The President elect previously pledged a 45% tariff to force up the cost of Chinese imports to the US.

But now Beijing has issued a stinging rebuke, warning the billionaire businessman that if he wants a trade war, he’ll get one.

An editorial in the regime-run Global Times newspaper warned that China would hit the US hard if Trump enacted new tariffs.

China ‘ready for WAR’ on US with ‘7 military islands’ revealed in chilling satellite snaps
HORRIFYING satellite images of seven Chinese military islands have emerged – fuelling fears war with the US is about to explode

A bitter row over disputed territory in the South China sea has been threatening to descend into war for months with both sides mobilising arms.

But now new photographic evidence of “significant” Chinese militarisation on seven man-made islands in the region has sparked fresh fears of imminent war.

Aerial images appear to show the Spratly islands bristling with anti-aircraft guns and missile defence systems.

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Russia and China teaming up against US? Putin's ships pile into disputed territory
TEAMING UP: Russia and China are holding joint exercises in the South China Sea

Beijing was left fuming when an international tribunal last month refused its claim to huge swathes of the South China Sea.

Violent protests soon broke out targeting US businesses in China, as authorities pledged to take "all necessary measures" to defend the claim.

Now experts have warned that China may be forced into war with America by its raging citizens – and it looks like Russia would join in on their side.


The Pacific is one of the most hotly contested regions in the world

US war planner Andrew Krepinevich says airstrikes, US special forces, missile bases, and naval blockades have a "key role in punishing China".

In the film, he said: "Our first president George Washington said 'If you want peace prepare for war'.

"We are responding to provocative behaviour on the part of China and just as we did in the Cold War the idea is to have a position of military strength such that you adversaries are not tempted to act in an aggressive way."

World War 3 News: China Puts Up Weapon System On Artificial Islands In South China Sea

China has enhanced its weapons systems in Spratly Islands, World War 3 news reports. The US warns against restricted access in the area.

A US think tank reveals China has put up large anti-aircraft guns and close-in-weapons-systems (CIWS) on some man-made islands at Spratly Islands. A CIWS is a point-defense weapon system used to detect and destroy short-range incoming missiles and enemy aircraft.

The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) has been tracking construction of the structures at the Fiery Cross, Mischief, and Subi Reefs in June and July this year.

related: China To Double Military Spending In 10 Years; Spurs Global Arms Race

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US to base stealth fighter jets in Australia in response to South China Sea tensions
An F-22 Raptor stealth fighter REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado

The US will begin flying its world-leading F-22 stealth fighters from bases in Australia, amid mounting tensions in the South China Sea.

America's Pacific commander Admiral Harry Harris revealed during a speech at the Lowy Insititute think tank that he had signed an agreement with the Australians to host not just the Raptors, but enough US military assets to constitute a "credible combat power" - saying the US wanted to maintain "enduring interests" in the region Euan Graham, the think tank's director of international security, said the move represented "pretty high-end coercive signalling to China", the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Admiral Harris described the threats posed by Isis and by North Korea's nuclear weapons tests - but, speaking days after the revelation that China had flown a nuclear-capable bomber over a disputed section of the South China Sea, he was "loud and clear" on how he viewed the strategic situation in the Pacific.

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China flies nuclear bomber over South China Sea as a 'message' to Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s direct contact with Taiwan’s leader broke with decades of diplomatic practice Wikimedia

China flew a nuclear-capable bomber outside its borders in a show of force less than a week before US President-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with the president of Taiwan, it has been reported.

The 10-minute telephone call with President Tsai Ing-wen was the first by a US president-elect or president since President Jimmy Carter switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, acknowledging Taiwan as part of ‘One China’. It led to protests from Beijing.

The Xian H-6 bomber flew along the disputed 'nine-dash line' around the South China Sea, US officials told Fox News, passing over a number of disputed islands. The officials said it was designed to send a message to the incoming administration.

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‘Prepare for the worst’ China plots to build more NUKES in war rage against US
THE CHINA SEA: US warships backed up by bombers and nukes are just off China

Fears of conflict between the Washington and Beijing have been growing since Trump became President-elect amid warnings nuclear war between the US and China is “no longer unthinkable”.

The Chinese regime’s mouthpiece took a hammer to the US once again as the pro-government paper said the nation will “build more strategic nuclear arms and accelerate the deployment of the DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile” to protect against Trump.

It warned Trump against attempting to corner China in an “unacceptable way” following the Donald’s campaign trail tirades against the superpower.


Australia will host the world's most lethal combat jet as the US gets 'ready to confront' China in the Pacific

Adm. Harry Harris, the head of the US Pacific Command, told reporters in Sydney on Wednesday that the US was "ready to confront" China should it continue its aggressive course in the South China Sea.

China has spent years building artificial islands to bolster its territorial claims in the South China Sea, a resource-rich area through which about $5 trillion in shipping flows each year.

To do so, Australia will host the US airforce's most deadliest aircraft, the F-22 Raptor, among other military assets, as the US aims to leverage the country's proximity to the disputed area.

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U.S. ready to confront Beijing on South China Sea: admiral

The United States is ready to confront China should it continue its overreaching maritime claims in the South China Sea, the head of the U.S. Pacific fleet said on Wednesday, comments that threaten to escalate tensions between the two global rivals.

China claims most of the resource-rich South China Sea through which about $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. Neighbors Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims.

The United States has called on China to respect the findings of the arbitration court in The Hague earlier this year which invalidated its vast territorial claims in the strategic waterway.

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The US is 'ready to confront' China in the Pacific with the world's most lethal combat plane, the F-22

US Admiral Harris, Commander, US Pacific Command, is referring to the F-22, considered the "world's most lethal combat plane." This is a very strong statement and clear message coming from the US Pacific Theater Commander. I expect it to be given more muscle with the entry of the Trump administration.

"These statements coincide with Harris making public a deployment of F-22 Raptors to Australia. The F-22, a very low observable aircraft, has unique features that make it ideal for piercing through and operating inside heavily contested airspace, like the skies above China's military installations in the South China Sea."

"The US fought its first war following our independence to ensure freedom of navigation," Harris said. "This is an enduring principle and one of the reasons our forces stand ready to fight tonight."

China Warns 'Small and Medium Size' Countries Not To Side with Big Countries: White Paper
Chinese naval aircraft carriers

A white paper released today by China on Asia-Pacific security cooperation has warned ‘small and medium size countries’ not to take sides in disputes between big countries, without naming the countries in question. The white paper, "China's Policies on Asia-Pacific Security Cooperation" was released by the State Council Information Office Wednesday on policies related to Asia-Pacific security cooperation, which also clarified the nation's stance on issues of regional concern.

"Small- and medium-sized countries need not and should not take sides among big countries," according to the white paper, Sina reported Wednesday. All countries should work toward a new dialogue system instead of confrontation, and pursue partnerships rather than alliances, according to the white paper. Outlining China's concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, the white paper explained the Chinese approach to achieving peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

The policy package includes the promotion of common development; the building of partnerships; improvement of existing multilateral frameworks; rule-setting; military exchanges; and proper settlement of differences.

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China issues white paper, warns small- and medium-sized countries not to take sides

China on Wednesday (Jan 11) issued its first white paper on issues related to Asia-Pacific security cooperation.

In the six-point proposal, reproduced in full by Xinhua, Beijing stated that "small- and medium-sized countries need not and should not take sides among big countries".

"All countries should make joint efforts to pursue a new path of dialogue instead of confrontation and pursue partnerships rather than alliances, and build an Asia-Pacific partnership featuring mutual trust, inclusiveness and mutually beneficial cooperation," the white paper read.

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Territorial Disputes: Malignant and Benign

Some things are worth fighting for. What about a few desert islands occupied mainly by birds, goats and moles? China and Japan seem to think so, the rest of the world is alarmed and a look at other territorial disputes around the globe shows that stranger things have happened. There are about 60 such conflicts simmering worldwide. Most will bubble along, unresolved but harmless, 400 years after the Peace of Westphalia established the notion of national sovereignty. Others are more dangerous.

The Situation - China claims more than 80 percent of the South China Sea, where it has constructed artificial islands and built up its military presence. Five others — Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan — claim parts of the same maritime area, a thriving fishing zone through which more than $5 trillion of trade passes each year. In a case brought by the Philippines, an international tribunal in The Hague ruled against China in July, saying it had no historic rights to the resources within a dashed line drawn on a 1940s map that had formed the basis of its claims. While the court said the ruling was binding, China said the tribunal has no jurisdiction. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called for restraint and in October held talks with China on contested territory.

The U.S., the longtime guarantor of freedom of navigation in the waters, has stepped up support for Southeast Asian maritime law enforcement agencies and Indonesia has accused Chinese fishing boats of increasingly encroaching into its waters. One thousand miles to the northeast, in the East China Sea, China is in dispute with Japan over century-old claims to a separate set of islands — called Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese — that have been administered by Japan since 1972. U.S. President Barack Obama in 2014 said a U.S.-Japan security treaty applies to the islands, meaning the U.S. military could act if Japanese waters were violated. Meantime, Donald Trump's election as U.S. president adds a new element of uncertainty. Trump has accused the Chinese of building a military fortress in the South China Sea and of doing so “at will because they have no respect for our president and they have no respect for our country.” China is also locked in a disagreement with India over the two countries’ land border.

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