Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wistful eating

How nostalgia is keeping some of our favourite things to eat and places to dine in our future
Old Seng Choong Carrot Cake is based on Daniel Tay's mum's recipe

Opening of Seng Choong Confectionery in 1965

Shashlik back in 1986

Shashlik reopens with brand new interiors and a refreshed menu

Still on the menu is Shashlik's namesake speciality

Country's Manna house specialty country-style chicken soup with puff pastry. Foto: Country Manna FaceBook

Aggie Au Yeung, Director of Mini Melts at the outlet in VivoCity. Foto: Robin Choo

The salad bar at Country Manna features over a variety of 40 items. Photo: Country Manna FaceBook

Mini Melts items (from left): Mini Melts combo cap cup in turquoise, Mini Melts combo cap cup (Double Chocolate and Rainbow Ice), Mini Melts Big (Pineapple Orange) and Mini Melts Big (Grape Soda). Foto: Robin Choo

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