Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fallen trees as heavy rain batters Singapore

Huge tree falls on bus near Block 203 in Commonwealth Avenue West

Heavy rain caused a tree to fall on an SMRT bus at a bus stop in front of Block 203, Commonwealth Avenue West yesterday (Oct 7).

Stomper Angela came across the scene at around 5.15pm and sent in photos.

"When I reached, there were no more passengers on board and only one driver seated in the bus. You can see him if you zoom in on one of the the pictures."

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Tree falls at Fajar Road after heavy rain

Stomper Pasidah saw a fallen tree this morning (Oct 7)  in front of Block 441 at Fajar Road.

She was on her way to work at around 8am when she noticed the tall tree that was in between Block 441 and Fajar Shopping Centre has fallen.

She said, "It was raining very heavily at around 6am and that must have caused the tree to fall."

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8-storey tall tree falls and damages gas pipes at Holland Close; about 70 households affected

A tree about eight storeys tall was believed to have been felled by heavy rain and strong winds early Monday (Oct 3) morning at Holland Close.

The fallen tree damaged gas pipes and affected the gas supply to an estimated 72 households living in a block of flats.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesman said it was alerted to the incident at Block 1, Holland Close, at 5.41am.

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Fallen tree at Holland Close caused damage to gas pipes, affecting more than 100 households

A tree around 30 meters high, fell at Block 1, Holland Close due to heavy rain and strong winds early Monday (3 October) morning causing damage to gas pipes which affected more than 100 households.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesman said it was alerted to the incident at 5.41am and soon deployed a fire engine, a red rhino and an ambulance to the scene. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. He also said that SCDF shut off the mains to the gas pipes for safety reason.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the fallen tree damaged gas pipes and affected the supply to more than 100 households living in a block of flats and the windows' of five flats in the block were shattered by the tree's falling branches.

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Heritage tree falls on 40-year-old Pearl Bank Apartments, branches smash windows
The heritage Purple Millettia tree crashed into Pearl Bank Apartments in Outram in the early hours of Sep 11. At least five units were damaged. FOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

A heritage tree more than 8 storeys tall fell on Pearl Bank Apartments in Chinatown on Sunday (Sep 11) morning.

At least 6 apartments from the 4th to 8th floors were affected, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

Residents said that the loud crash as the tree's branches smashed their windows woke them up early on Sunday morning.

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Huge tree falls at Alexandra Terrace blocking whole road

A Stomper woke up this morning (Sep 18) to see a huge tree had fallen across the road near his home at Alexandra Terrace.

The tree was blocking the entire road which spurred the Stomper to authorities for assistance.
Said the Stomper:

"It was blocking the entire road and I was worried about people needing to use it when school and work starts again tomorrow.

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Tree topples at Yishun Ring Rd, damaging lamp post and causing blackout

Stomper Myke got up to close his window when he heard a loud crashing sound at around 4.45am today (Sep 16).

“I exited my home to the corridor and looked down to see that the street lights were all blacked out.

“Some residents at the opposite block came out of their flats too and were looking down.

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Loud crash heard after huge tree branch falls on road at Ren Ci Hospital

Stomper Leow was at Ren Ci Hospital yesterday (Sep 4) at around 4.30pm when he heard a loud crash.

Initially he thought it was a road accident. Upon investigation, he found out that a huge tree branch had fallen onto the road.

He told Stomp in a telephone interview: "There was a thunderstorm in the early afternoon and it was quite windy when I was at the hospital.

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8 days after a motorcyclist was knocked unconscious by a falling tree, his loved ones are still waiting for him to wake up.

But even if Mr Lee Kar Choon, 23, regains consciousness, his family members are girding themselves for a worst-case scenario.

Doctors have told them that, at best, he will become a paraplegic and blind in one eye, said his sister, Madam Lee Hui Ting.

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Biker in coma after tree branches fall on him: 'We don't know if he will wake up'

The motorcyclist who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital after a tragic accident on Jul 20 remains in a coma.

It was earlier reported that Mr Lee Kar Choon, 23, had been knocked unconscious by a falling tree along Admiralty Road West, near Woodlands Waterfront Park, during heavy rain.

Stomper Jonathan, who is the victim's brother-in-law, had appealed for witnesses to the accident.

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Fallen tree blocks 3 lanes along Kim Seng Road causing 'chaotic' traffic jam

Stomper Claudia saw a fallen tree along Kim Seng Road yesterday (May 21) at around 10pm.

The trunk of the tree blocked three lanes on the road leaving only one lane available for vehicles to pass.

Said the Stomper in a telephone interview: "The tree caused a traffic jam. The scene was quite chaotic. I am not sure how long it took before the tree was cleared."

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Fallen tree blocking road no problem for these kind-hearted drivers

Stomper Lynn notified Stomp of a kindhearted act she witnessed yesterday (June 8), at around 10:45am, as she was driving through heavy rain on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

Apparently, the stormy weather had caused a large tree to fall along the exit towards Stevens Road.

"It blocked the entire two lanes, and cars couldn't move at all. Motorcyclists could still go through, but not cars."

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NO ACT OF GOD: Deadly and Damaging Tree-Falls Raise Questions about Env Ministry’s Efforts at Ensuring Public Safety

Two tree-falls in one day because of rain in different parts of Singapore. This happened yesterday morning after a heavy that started at about 5.30am. It raises questions as to whether the Environment Ministry is out and about doing its job to ensure the public is safe from old trees.

In the morning, a huge tree that fell along the Ayer Rajah Expressway caused a chain collision between a car, lorry and public bus. Luckily no one was badly injured.

At Holland Close, a tree about 8-floors high came tumbling down, damaging gas pipes and cutting supply to more than 100 households. The branches of the huge tree smashed windows of 5 units of Block 1 Holland CLose, but luckily again, there were no casualties.

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Mother nature unleashes her fury at East Coast Park, leaving several uprooted trees in her wake

Stomper Jim was met with an awesome sight when he went for his morning jog at East Coast Beach this morning.

A storm last night had uprooted a number of trees between East Coast Chalet and Fort Road.

Said the Stomper: "It was a disheartening sight. Many of the trees that were uprooted were huge and blocked pathways that park visitors had to navigate around."

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So dangerous! Huge branch falls and damages public bench at Whampoa Drive

Stomper Yew Wah noticed a fallen tree branch along 85 Whampoa Drive at around 9am today (Sep 16).

If you look at the pictures closely, the fallen branch also damaged one of the public benches right next to the tree.

"I looked down from my house and saw it.

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Large tree falls and blocks the road along Jurong West Ave 4

Two lanes of the road were blocked after a huge tree fell at Jurong West early this morning (Jun 19).

Stompers Anonymous and Melvin sent in photos of the incident, which occurred at around 2.30am.

Anonymous said, "Luckily no tragedies happened. Cars were forced to make a turn back on the same road."

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Tree uprooted after heavy rain and strong winds at Rivervale Drive

A tree at Block 123C Rivervale Drive was uprooted after a heavy downpour this morning (Aug 3) at around 7.50am.

Stomper Azrin contributed photos showing the scene via WhatsApp.

According to him, Town Council personnel started clearing up the area shortly after.

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3 cars damaged by fallen tree along Sime Road on Tuesday morning
The fallen tree along Sime Road following heavy rain on Tue (July 26) morning.FOTO: LIANHE WANBAO

3 cars were damaged by a fallen tree along Sime Road following heavy rain on Tue (July 26) morning.

The S'pore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to the incident near the S'pore Island Country Club at about 10.55am.

It dispatched a fire engine, a Red Rhino, an ambulance and a support vehicle to the scene.

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Fallen trees, collapsed exhibits after heavy rain

Strong winds & heavy rain on Sat (Apr 25) hit the central area of S'pore, causing trees to fall around S'pore.

Traffic along Victoria Street was affected as a tree had fallen onto the road, blocking at least two lanes. SCDF said that no one was injured and no car was affected. SCDF officers later used chainsaws to cut up the tree.

The traffic jam lasted three hours. Channel NewsAsia understands that the road eventually reopened at around 7pm.

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Torrential rain in S'pore causes flash floods, fallen trees
A tree along Tiong Bahru Road fell on Jun 17, 2016. (Foto: Erman)

Torrential rains in S'pore on Fri (Jun 17) caused flash floods and felled trees in parts of Singapore.

In a FaceBook post, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said waist-high flash floods on Friday afternoon caused some vehicles to stall along Enterprise Road. It was alerted to the floods at about 4.30pm. A total of 11 people - including the elderly - were evacuated in life vests, SCDF said, adding that there were no injuries.

In a FaceBook post on Friday evening, eyewitness Thessa Huiying detailed her experience of being stuck in the floods while aboard a bus. "Things happened real quickly. Within 10 minutes, water was rising rapidly. Thank you to the SBS bus driver uncle (Bus No. 252) who took the wise choice of not driving through (for the safety of everyone)," she wrote.

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Flooding, fallen trees as heavy rain batters Singapore

Tree uprooted on a hill beside Holland Avenue Block 2. Photo: Sheryl

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More than 100 trees uprooted over the weekend

More than 100 trees in total were uprooted over the weekend because of stormy weather and exceptionally strong localised winds.

The National Parks Boards (NParks) told the media that 13 trees were Sunday uprooted near the tracks at Changi Beach Park while another 100 were discovered to have fallen within the park itself.

Heavy rains had also saturated and softened the soil in the area. A total of 10 more trees in other parts or S'pore were also affected by the strong winds.

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Photo: Pixabay: tree
Spanish boy dies in ICU after getting struck by fallen tree in Bukit Timah

A 5-year-old Spanish boy has tragically died, about a week after a falling tree struck him along Bukit Timah Road, Lianhe Zaobao reported.

The incident itself happened on August 17 around 4pm, resulting in life-threatening injuries for the boy, who was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for treatment.

A Facebook post by a friend in church asked family members and friends to pray for his recovery, but he succumbed to his injuries last Friday (Aug 25). Stomp reported that the boy’s father is working in Singapore and had moved his family here.

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