Friday, 2 September 2016

Why we can’t throw out these things

Rotary dial telephone. Foto: Don Mendoza

The food at 64-year-old Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant is familiar, old-school and heartwarming. Foto: Joy Fang

I loved listening to radio programmes such as such as Say It With Music with the late at Kate Reyes on my old Sanyo radio. Foto: Kenneth Choy

Fann Wong Cds. Foto: Kenneth Choy

Back in the 90s: Crayola Mini-Stampers Markers. Foto: Sonia Yeo

May's T-shirt from her kindergarten class. Foto: May Seah

Quotations for Speakers and Writers by Allen Andrews. Foto: Reena Devi

Chou Chou pillow doesn't have any 'meat', left but there's always the pillow case

Our nostalgic memories encapsulated in our memorabilia

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