Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Remember Anton Casey, he’s back!

The man who fled S’pore after sneering at the poor here

Anton moaned that he had to “wash the stench of public transport off me” and complained “Who are all these poor people?”. He also called a cab driver a “retard” and said: “”After 11 years of residency, I am still trying to understand THESE people!”

Anton later issued an apology for his Facebook post and said: “I deeply regret having offended and disrespected the people of Singapore. I have the highest respect and regard for Singapore and the good people of Singapore; this is my home. I wish for nothing more than to be forgiven for my poor judgment and given a second chance to rebuild the trust people have had in me as a resident of this wonderful country.”

Many who read his apology felt that it was insincerely made and refused to accept it. Even Minister K Shanmugam joined in the chorus to condemn him.

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Is Briton Anton Casey, whose posts online sparked a furore in 2014, back in Singapore?
Ex-Miss Singapore's Husband apologises for call commuters poor

Anton Casey, the British expatriate whose comments on social media in 2014 sparked such an outrage that he lost his job & left Singapore, may have returned to the country.

The Independent,sg reported on Thursday (Jul 14) that Casey is back in Singapore and is now the investment manager of Football Finance Note, which is run by Swiss Asia Financial Services.

According to its website, Swiss Asia Financial Services has offices in Singapore & Hong Kong.

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Anthony S Casey, Living in Singapore for many years
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Singapore is great! However, it is also quite large. And full of wonderful history and mysteries, people and communities! Many see Singapore as just a center of big international banks. But it's so much more. It's a hub for culture and people to come together.

I think some of its best secrets are in the ways people engage with one another.

The philanthropy groups are the city's best secret.

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British Expat Banker Apologises For Poor Judgment
A day after Mr Anton Casey left Singapore for Perth with his family, his company, Crossinvest Asia has announced that the senior wealth manager is no longer its employee. FOTO: COURTESY OF BERNICE WONG

In a statement on its FaceBook page late Friday night, it said it is deeply concerned that Mr Casey's recent remarks on social media have caused great distress among Singaporeans. "Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity," said the statement.

It said Crossinvest Asia is a family business and Mr Casey's comments "do not represent the culture that we have built over many years". "Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia & Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect," it added.

The Straits Times reported today that he & his family left Singapore for Perth on Friday. Mr Casey said it was because of "threats made towards my family". In an email response to The Straits Times, he apologised to the people of Singapore again and offered to do community work "to make amends for my mistakes".

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Remember Anton Casey, he’s back!
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British Expat Banker Apologises For Poor Judgment
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