Tuesday, 22 March 2016

International Health Insurance

10 important questions to ask

This is the first time I have relocated to a new country and I must say, this is not the easiest feat to accomplish. Nothing can be a better eye opener especially if the new place is very different from where you're originally from.

This move got me observing things from an outsider's perspective. I began to see things from “outside in” which got me thinking for the first time what it feels like to have no support system.
How are we going to get to the hospital if either one of us happened to get really sick? Who is going to be by my side if I get attacked on the street?
This responsibility got me re-thinking the family’s insurance plans. By funnelling the decision down to 10 key questions, I got it figured out.
I hope that this checklist of questions will help others work through their health insurance with more ease.
  • Should I buy an individual/family or group plan?
  • If you opt for a family plan, who in the family will be covered?
  • What benefits will the plan provide?
  • What locations will be covered for treatment?
  • Will your plan cover you when you are required to travel to different countries for work?
  • Will your plan cover your medical treatment should you choose to do it in your home country?
  • What does pre-existing conditions and exclusion mean?
  • Does a claim affect your premium?
  • Will your plan provide medical repatriation?
  • Does the plan have 24 hour hotline for concierge services for local and foreign countries?
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