Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Three Double Deaths over the Weekend

6 Deaths Reported Over The Weekend, But Singapore Is Still Pretty Safe

A recent spate of death reports were observed over the weekend on state media. Oh no!

Should we lock our doors and hide our wife and kids? No. Let’s take an objective look at each of these cases.
  1. Yuan Ching deaths
  2. Hotel 81 deaths
  3. Chin Swee deaths
With six deaths reported just this past weekend, Singaporeans took to social media to express their thoughts on the news. We don’t make this stuff up.

A man involved in the Yuan Ching Road incident is seen being wheeled into an ambulance. He succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital shortly after

Yesterday, a murder took place at a Yuan Ching Condominium.

The following Facebook status update was posted by the husband who murdered his wife and he explained his situation and what forced him over the edge.

After posting the Facebook update, reportedly turned the knife on himself and succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

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Yuan Ching Road deaths: Man sent email titled 'Final Note' to media on morning of incident

He talked about how he had gone back to study at the Building and Construction Authority and that it had been stressful

A man involved in the Yuan Ching Road slashing incident on Friday morning had apparently sent an email to the media about his grievances with his wife and their maid.

The lengthy email, which was sent to various newsrooms at 8.11am, had the subject header "Jurong Murder" and a headline "Final Note".

Shin Min Daily News reproduced the entire email. In it, the man identifies himself as Ken Ong and writes about how he had been suffering and silently bearing his and his wife's burdens, but in exchange, he "gets her lies, empty promises and betrayals".

Yuan Ching Road deaths: Man did not get along with his father
Man sent email titled 'Final Note' to media on morning of incident
Jurong double deaths: Wife ‘friendly’, husband ‘aloof’, say residents
Man allegedly stabs wife, sends 'Final Note' and kills himself
Yuan Ching Road deaths: He had plans to kill 3 months ago
Man sent email titled 'Final Note' to media on morning of incident
Couple dead, maid injured after dispute at Yuan Ching Road condominium

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Yuan Ching Road deaths: He had plans to kill 3 months ago

The man who killed his wife and attacked his maid on Friday morning at Yuan Ching Road in Jurong had apparently planned to do so about three months ago.

A post in his Facebook account revealed that he had "bought what I need to do".
"Now, I just have to wait for three more things to be done," wrote Ken Ong Wei Poh, 37, on his Facebook status on Nov 13 last year.

Ong also wrote: "Destroyed my life and yet enjoying without no conscience. Always in self-denial and arrogrance, thinking that having money gives you all the right to destroy and play with someone (sic) life without any consequences."

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Authorities have confirmed that two people have died of their wounds. The two dead were a couple, a 37 year old Singaporean man and his 39 year old Malaysian wife who had Singapore PR. 

The injured person was their 37 year old filipino maid who had tried to interviene in the domestic dispute.

Three people were wounded in a slashing incident at Yuan Ching Road this morning and 2 are believed to have died of their wounds.


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Ken Ong - January 29 at 4:09pm

Final Note - It's sad that things had to be in this way, but with 12 years of greivances, suffering in silence and humilation i had with her and what i got in return is her lies, empty promises and betrayal. Totally ignoring my sacrifaces, endurance towards her bad character and wrongdoings. All these years of marriage with her, i had constantly contemplating with the idea of suicide, the mental stress i had with her is too much for me.

My Studies - Only after i started study, i finally gained back some confidence and idea of what i wanted to do again. I had make so much effort in being an “A” student. Time required for to and fro from my place to BCA takes about 4 hours daily and i make sure i went for every lesson no matter how long the lessons are, even for sometimes 1 to 2 hour lesson. Sleep only 4-6 hours daily and the rest of the time are for studies, no TV, no Entertainment. Exam and Project period is even worst, Only 4 hours of sleep and have to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 3am so that i have more time to do what i need to do and prepare for the day. Study at 36 years old after being away from studies about 18 years and especially wanted to fight with the elites from china to be top of the cohort and “A” student is not a joke.

Our Divorce - I had already agree that we can divorce as long as we keep it peaceful as i don't want to hurt the kid in anyway and my studies shouldn't be affected. I came from a divorced family and i know very clearly how much hurt it can give to a kid, firstly, she agreed. However after she talk to her lawyer with APL Law Corporation, she turned and tried to act as the victim, giving false information to discredit me and my contribution to this family, thinking of using Singapore Women's Charter against me. Finally, forced me out of my studies to contest her allegations and the divorce is really the breaking point for me.

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Geylang deaths: Maid's throat cut, man found hanged

Ms Ruli Widyawati's employer was expecting her to return home on Sunday evening but, instead, got a call at midnight saying the Indonesian maid, 29, had been found dead in a hotel room in Geylang with her throat cut.

Also discovered in the same third-floor room at Hotel 81 Palace in Lorong 16, according to reports in the Chinese newspapers Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao yesterday, was Mr Chinnasamy Baskar, 31, a construction worker from India, who was found hanged.

Ms Ruli was married with two young children in Indonesia. Mr Chinnasamy was not married.

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Two foreigners found dead at Geylang hotel
Police reviewing closed-circuit television footage at the hotel lobby. Photo: Faris Mokhtar

Two foreigners, a man and a woman, were found dead at a Geylang hotel last night.

The police said they received a call at around 7.45pm, requesting assistance at Hotel 81 Palace along Lorong 16 Geylang. Upon arrival, they found a 31-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman motionless in a room at the hotel. TODAY understands both are work-permit holders. The man is believed to be from India and the woman from Indonesia.

It is believed that the woman had visible wounds on her body and there were blood stains in several areas, including the bathroom. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

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Two found dead in Geylang hotel

A male Indian national and an Indonesian woman were found dead in a hotel room in Geylang.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted to an incident at Hotel 81 Palace at Lorong 16 Geylag on Sunday night at 7.50pm. The 31-year-old man and 29-year-old woman were pronounced dead at the scene.

Media reports say the woman had injuries on her body, and there were blood stains in the room. Both the man and woman were work permit holders.

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Couple found dead at foot of Chin Swee block

A woman dressed in her underwear was found dead with a man at the foot of the block

She heard a loud thud, but thought a neighbour had dropped something.

"It was so loud - it sounded as though a big heavy cabinet had fallen," the Chin Swee Road resident who wanted to be known only as Ms Chen, 22, told The New Paper in Mandarin last night.

"We looked down but couldn't see anything because the metal laundry racks blocked our view. We thought a neighbour had dropped something."

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Couple found dead at Chin Swee block, bears uncanny resemblance to '04 triple suicide

In an eerie case of deja vu, a couple jumped to their deaths at a block in Chinatown, their bodies landing close to the same spot where a mother and her two daughters died after falling from the 25th storey in 2004.

On Jan 30 around 8.30pm, the bodies of a 27-year-old Singaporean woman and an unidentified man were found at the foot of Block 53 along Chin Swee Road, The New Paper reports. Witnesses revealed that the woman was dressed in only her underwear while the man was wearing a white top and pants.

The police were seen conducting their investigations on the 26th storey, collecting and marking out evidence. A Hotel 81 key card was seen among the couple's belongings. They authorities have since classified their deaths as unnatural, and are conducting further investigation.

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