5 best affordable biryanis

Who doesn’t love a good biryani? And we’re talking about dum biryani, where long-grain basmati rice is layered and cooked together with spices and meats such as chicken, mutton or fish in a large cooking pot. The biryani is left to cook on slow flame for some time and the vessel’s lid is sealed with dough to prevent the steam from escaping. This method of cooking seals in the flavours and natural juices of the meat for a heavenly biryani.

The word “biryani” comes from the Persian word “beriani”, and it was the Mughlai conquerors who introduced the dish to India when they invaded the subcontinent. Like how “paratha” became “prata” in Singapore, “biryani” has morphed into “briyani” – the tweak probably happened when our first South Indian settlers started integrating with the locals here.

While the more luxurious biryanis are tinged with saffron threads and even a drop of rose water, we round up five dum good ones that are friendly on your pocket.
Taj’s biryani
Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine
Kasturi Briyani Dam
Tulasi Vegetarian & Cafe
Usman's biryani

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