Sunday, 21 September 2014

Kitchen Tips: Keeping food fresh

How to keep food fresh in your kitchen

Keeping food fresh is also about having a smart storage and organisation system in the kitchen. We dish out a hearty serving of tips and great ideas for your pantry and fridge.

On the counter - A well-ventilated counter is key to keeping your food fresh. Dress up your counter with stylish containers to store food, so pests can't get to them.

Seasoning - Always keep your seasonings in a warm, dry place. Leave them close to the stove so it's easier to reach when you want to season your dish. In a cold damp area, salt and sugar will clump together and solidify.

Fruit - Fruit can be kept outside of the fridge for about a week, and will brighten up your countertop. Be sure to store bananas out in the open as they turn brown in the cold. Store cut fruit in the fridge with a little lemon juice on them to slow down the oxidisation process

How to store food in the fridge

One of the most important appliances in your home, the fridge is your kitchen workhorse. So how do we ensure we make full use of our fridges?

Generally, there are three different sections to a fridge: chiller, freezer and vegetable drawer. Other than keeping your fridge organised, it is important that you know which type of foods should be in each compartment so food is kept fresh longer. We break it down for you:

Chiller - Honey and jam: Storing honey in the fridge might harden the sweet spread, but it keeps it fresh. Don't place honey outside because the live culture that gives it its nutritional properties and flavour won't last as long.

Freezer - Bread: If you've got too much bread on hand, especially bread on the last day of its expiry date, keep it in the freezer. The ice crystals that form within the bread will keep the bread moist, even when it is put in a toaster

Vegetable drawer - Vegetable drawers shield your fruit and vegetables from direct contact with the source of cold air. If fruit or vegetables get too cold, they might develop a freeze-burn and bruise easily. Store them in neat containers to keep your drawer organised and smelling fresh.