Friday, 4 July 2014

Is Singapore expensive?

I’m just back from a short “hang out with the grandparents” three-day trip to Singapore with my daughter and would answer with a firm “yes”. I can’t remember ever burning though so much cash (well plastic) in such a short time. That said, while Singapore can be expensive, it need not be. So here are some common sense tips on ways to save money in Singapore.
Posh=pricey … very
We stayed at the Regent Hotel Singapore because that was where my parents were staying and it gave them maximum time with their granddaughter (and son!). Cost for three nights — around S$900. (To be fair, Mum and Dad paid half – Thanks!, but it was still hideously expensive and their swimming pool is crap — they should be eternally embarrassed by it.)Next time we’d stay at InnCrowd in Little India. Double room with shared bathroom for S$59. They have no swimming pool, which is no great loss compared to the one at The Regent.

Cheap restaurants are best found outside five-star hotels. We arrived in early evening, went immediately to a meet and greet at Sembawang Shipyard only then back to the hotel — by which time my daughter was wrecked. We ordered room service. One burger + one fish and chips + one kid size spaghetti = almost zero change from S$100.

That will be $234,765.95 please. Plus plus.
Far from the best laksa I've had, but it was just $5
Where's a taxi when you need one?
Smoking three packs a day can shatter your health.
The cheapest view of the Marina Bay Sands

Armed and dangerous

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