Sunday, 28 April 2013

World’s scariest travel activities

Long ago, most people thought the world was flat. And perhaps because we’ve now labeled every country, river, ocean and forest, and we know we can’t actually fall off the face of the Earth, a few of us have become restless. That need for real adventure has produced some extremely intimidating travel activities.

From jumping off a platform more than 70 stories high to swallowing the heart of the most deadly snake in the world, we rounded up the most insane, horrifyingly crazy, ridiculously intimidating activities on the planet. Sure, you can’t sail off the edge of the world – but if you have the money, you can lean out over largest waterfall in the world … while a complete stranger holds your ankles.

Here’s to the most intimidating travel activities on Planet Earth and those crazy enough to invent them:

No. 10 – Nude Cruising

No. 9 – Canyoning

No. 8 – The Devil’s Pool Jump

No. 7 – Shark Cage Diving

No. 6 – The Macau Tower Bungy

No. 5 - Mount Huashan Hike

No. 4 – Eating Beating Cobra Heart

No. 3 - Wing Walking

No. 2 - The Ice Race

No. 1 – BASE Jump Wingsuit Flying

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