From childless to being a mother of 3

How I coped with infertility and miscarriages along the way

I have three children, all born within two years of each other. An elder daughter, Thiya Kaur, and fraternal boy-girl twins, Daya Singh and Liv Kaur. I adore them. I love being a mother. Being their mother. For the most part, we look like the Instagram-perfect family.

Behind their cheeky smiles and my sleep-deprived but content Mum-face is a story that I have rarely told in full before; which is strange, considering how close it is to my heart and how life defining it was for me. I had all my three children via IVF (in-vitro fertilisation), and my journey spanned six years — three rounds of IVF in three clinics, under different, highly recommended gynaecologists, countless injections, a battery of blood tests, counselling sessions and prayers.

This entailed three rounds of egg stimulations and retrievals, tens of thousands of dollars, cramps, discomfort, morning sickness, anxious awaiting of results with bated breath, and tears — owing to back-to- back disappointments. The grand result of all of this: 27 eggs were retrieved, six embryos formed, three pregnancies, one miscarriage. And finally, finally, three healthy, beautiful children from two successful pregnancies.