Tuesday, 26 April 2016

8 Ways To Avoid Raising An Entitled And Rude Child

If you're looking to raise a child to be a fully-functional adult, there's definitely a lot to think about. You might love your kids, but sometimes you have to let them hurt themselves, feel the consequences of their actions, and experience failure. As a parent you will ultimately be there to help them when they're in need, but you also cant be their personal catcher in the rye.

If you want your children to be ready for the real world when their time comes to leave the nest:
  • Limit their access to pleasure
  • Don't cover for them or coddle them
  • Make them honest about their shortcomings
  • Set allowance strictly
  • Teach the value of hard work
  • Be consistent with rules
  • Teach them to be thankful and grateful
  • Don't always be their best friend
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