Sunday, 18 May 2014

10 things eating into your savings

Why you’re finding it hard to build up that nest egg

When it comes to saving money, do you feel like you’ve got a Herculean labour on your hands? Does your bank account always look like it’s short of a zero or two? And does it seem like you’ve been funneling your cash flows … into a leaky bucket?

If you’re envious of friends and colleagues who talk about saving up to 20-30% of their income each month, or just can’t pinpoint what you’re doing wrong financially, perhaps it’s time to take stock of your monetary ins and outs.

You may just discover that you’ve got some hidden expenses eating into your would-be savings, leaving you relatively broke all the time.

1. You know what the rent or housing loan is costing you, but what about your utilities?

2. Great, you’ve got insurance – but are you getting your money’s worth?

3. Death and taxes are certain – but are you certain you’ve managed your taxes properly?

4. Eating out and eating in could cost you either way

5. You may be too dependent on your car – or Taxi Uncle’s car

6. Your stress is taking a toll on your heatlh (and your piggy bank)

7. You have a gym membership, but don’t go enough

8. You’ve made (somebody else) a fortune with your tardiness

9. You don’t swim with loan sharks, but you need help keeping your credit afloat

10. Cash-only or cashless? One way or the other, it’s budgeting and accounting that counts