Tuesday, 17 December 2013

10 Political Myths/Urban Legends About Singapore

Unfortunately Myths and Urban Legends in Singapore is not just related to the supernatural as related in the above book, but the political arena as well

The on-going saga of cyber hacking and threat of 'war against the Singapore Govt' has dominated the online chatter like a bush fire. As with many things that involve politics and social media, a lot of conspiracy theories, myths and urban legends have been making the rounds. 2 posts on social media sites online caught my attention - the first, someone suggested that the hackers would target the stock market and cause it to crash, therefore he advised selling. The second, was a new father who was waiting to have his son's birth registered at a hospital, but because there was a glitch that delayed the registration, he immediately blamed the Anonymous hackers for it.

1) The Messiah and Anonymous can hack into all Govt sites, and bring chaos to Singapore

The self styled Messiah making his pitch in a video last week, directed at the Singapore Govt

2) The Messiah and Anonymous will face the death penalty if caught

3) The Govt is actually behind the attack, in order to win support and bolster its position

4) Lee Kuan Yew is the founder of modern Singapore

With a myth surrounding Singapore's modern founding, Stamford Raffles (in an 1817 portrait) has had a name change to Harry Lee Kuan Yew!

5) Singapore was a mere fishing village until LKY stepped in

The Marina Bay seafront in 1959. Quite an impressive looking fishing village, don't you think so?

6) The Govt can trace your vote (Your vote isn't secret because of the serial numbers)

The above precinct in Toa Payoh Lorong 8 is under Potong Pasir constituency, but for how long is question?

7) The PAP will break up when LKY dies

LKY at age 90. Some believe he needs to live forever for the PAP to remain in power

8) Singapore will collapse if the Opposition comes to power

The Opposition need not try to fix too many things all at once. Overpopulation, housing and transportation should be the immediate ones where their attention should be on, if they do the impossible and win power

9) The Opposition will change everything when in power

10)  National Service/ High Defense Spending is a must to prevent future wars

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