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Watz Online - 7 Jun 2012

Peter Lim claims sex was in the heat of the moment

Former civil defence chief Peter Lim, 52, is claiming that he had a "genuine" relationship with Ms Pang Chor Mui of Nimrod Engineering and the incident of oral sex occurred due to the "uncontrollable emotions in the heat of the moment", Shin Min Daily News reported.

Ms Pang was then the general manager of Nimrod Engineering, an equipment supplier to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Lim is facing trial for obtaining oral sex in 2010 from Pang at a car park near the Singapore Indoor Stadium in May 2010. Lim's lawyer is arguing that Lim at no point of time requested the oral sex.

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From a hotel in Paris to a car park at Big Splash

Ex-SCDF chief allegedly received sexual favours from three women, faces 10 corruption charges
The car park at Big Splash East Coast Park, where Peter Lim Sin Pang's last alleged corruption offence occurred

In one of the largest alleged corruption cases involving a senior public officer in recent years, former Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Commissioner Peter Lim Sin Pang is said to have first begun obtaining sexual gratification from a woman around May 2, 2010 - less than a year after he took the helm at the force.

According to court papers filed yesterday, Lim allegedly had oral sex from Ms Pang Chor Mui, a general manager at Nimrod Engineering, in a car park at Stadium Walk, as an inducement for showing favour by advancing her company's business interest with the SCDF.

Almost a year later, Lim was alleged to have had sex with Ms Esther Goh Tok Mui, a business development director at NCS Private Limited, in a car park near Marina Bay Golf Course around April 20 last year.

The following month, he allegedly had sex twice at an apartment in Tanjong Rhu and in a car park near the Singapore Indoor Stadium

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Singapore Official Charged in Rare Corruption Case

A former top Singapore government official was charged on Wednesday with accepting sexual favors from women seeking to influence government contracts—a rare corruption case in the city-state, which prides itself on transparency in government and business.

Peter Lim, who was removed as the head of the Civil Defence Force (SCDF) earlier this year, "corruptly obtained sexual gratification from two female vendors and one potential female vendor to the SCDF on 10 occasions" over the course of more than a year, according to a statement released by the country's anticorruption agency.

Efforts to reach Mr. Lim at his residence were unsuccessful. It was not immediately clear who is representing Mr. Lim or whether he entered a plea. The anticorruption agency provided no further information.

Mr. Lim's case is the first involving a senior government official in decades.

The women involved in Mr. Lim's case, who have not been charged, were "advancing the business interest of their companies" with the Civil Defence Force, the statement said.

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S'pore defence scandal: Women who provided sexual favours named

Singapore ex-civil defence chief charged with sex for favours - Reuters Africa

Singapore Ex-Civil Defence Force Chief Charged With 10 Counts Of Corruption -

'Official accepted sexual favours for contracts' by Sapa

Spore ex civil-defence force chief charged with 10 counts of corruption - malaysian digest

S'pore defence scandal: Women who provided sexual favours named - Malaysia Chronicle

Shanmugam promotes Singapore business with genocidal Sri Lanka

TamilNet, Friday, 01 June 2012, 10:26 GMT]
Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam, visiting Colombo with a 21-strong business delegation and saying "Sri Lanka is well placed to capitalize on the benefits and opportunities offered both by Singapore and globally,” envisaged Sri Lanka to increase attracting ‘leisure travelers’ from the current 850,000 to 20 million a year.

Singapore increased its Sri Lanka investment from US $ 53 million last year to US $ 428 million. While media is busy in highlighting his Colombo visit and the ‘Buddhist’ visit of Rajapaksa to Thailand, alternative media brought out how Sri Lanka has become a hub for sales of girls for sex industry involving Singapore, Thailand and Arabs.

Case of a 16-year-old Tamil girl from Batticaloa was one of them. Tapping genocide-generated business opportunity results from global criminalization of States, observers said.

Speaking along with Shanmugam, while the SL tourism official Vipul Wanigasekara urged Singapore to invest in the ‘hospitality’ sector, SL minister Rishad Bathiudeen who steers many of Colombo’s structural genocide programmes, said that there are several more opportunities available for Singapore businesses, given the advantage of ‘two neighbouring giants’ [India and china] Sri Lanka has agreements with.

A new Memorandum of Understanding for ‘deeper relations’ was signed between Singapore and genocidal Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

Meanwhile a Colombo media on Sunday brought out the case of a 16-year-old Tamil girl from Batticaloa who was sold to two Arab nationals, aged 49 and 27, from Riyadh.

A foreign employment agency in Batticaloa that lured the girl from her widowed mother having three more daughters to take care of, sold her to the Arabs.

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A tribute to the late Lim Hock Siew

Malaysia and Singapore have been indifferently synonymous with paraphrasing the term ‘operation’ which has been identically associated with the ISA. Operation Lalang showed how hundreds of people who dissented with the social and economic policies of Mahathir Mohammad ended up in the Kamunting Detention Centre in 1987.

This was also the period which Malaysians witnessed the greatest scandal in their history. The government lost RM2.5 billion (at that time almost 3% of the GDP of the country) in the Bumiputera Malaysian Finance fiasco . The growing dissent from this scandal eventually led to the arrests and detention of many social and political activists under the ISA.

Across the causeway, the ‘operation’ had had started much earlier. On Feb 2, 1963, at least 111 left-wing activists were arrested and detained, including key members of the opposition political party, Barisan Sosialis. During this time, Singapore was a self-governing state under British rule and was preparing for a merger with the Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak to form the Federation of Malaysia in September 1963.

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One in two S'pore workers willing to take pay cut to save job

One in two S'pore workers willing to take pay cut to save job
One in two S'pore workers willing to...

SINGAPORE: Fifty-four per cent of Singapore workers are willing to forego part of their pay in order to keep their job, if the local market deteriorates.

That's according to a survey by global recruitment firm Randstad.
It polled 405 Singapore employees in an online survey between January and February.

Over in Hong Kong, the number is higher, with 74 per cent of workers polled said they are willing to take a pay cut to secure their job.

Sixty-two per cent of workers in China said they would do the same.
Randstad said the findings indicate a willingness among Singapore employees to make small sacrifices during times of economic uncertainty.

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Are MRT trains breeding grounds for molesters?
Are MRT trains breeding grounds for molesters?

As MRT trains get more congested, more girls are said to have fallen victim to molesters.

Women passengers are complaining online that they’ve been touched intentionally or accidentally in crowded trains - something they are clearly uncomfortable with.

A street survey revealed that there are indeed quite a number of women passengers who believe cases of molestation in trains are on the rise.

Song Yaoding, a 20 year-old student, said that since last year, she has heard more complaints from her friends about being touched inappropriately. Her friends claim that they have been touched on their butts or backs.

Apparently sometimes, some people would stare at them in an unsettling manner as well.

She said to avoid such incidents, she would usually use her hands to cover her breasts and try to stand at a more spacious area.

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Woman on budget flight threatens to make plane disappear
Woman on budget flight threatens to make plane disappear

A woman allegedly threatened to make the Tiger Airways plane she was travelling on disappear during a four hour fiasco.

The incident happened at 10:40am on 20 May when the flight was travelling from Guangzhou to Singapore. After the plane had taken off, the woman asked to have her seat changed.

When her request was denied, she began making a scene.

According to an eyewitness, Lin Baoguang, the woman shouted at the passengers asking them whether they remember the 911 incident.

She allegedly said that she has the ability to make the plane disappear.

Mr Lin said the woman - dressed in t-shirt and jeans - appeared to be in her thirties and was around 1.7m tall.

There was drama even before the plane took off.

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Auntie says she resorts to killer litter when she is upset
Auntie says she resorts to killer litter  when she is upset

A woman threw a glass bottle from her flat, smashing the windscreen of a car parked below.

The incident happened at around 5pm last Sunday at block 369 at Bukit Batok Ave 5.

The owner of the car, a 40 year-old self-employed woman, known only as Ms Lin, said she parked the vehicle at the open car park at around 7pm on Saturday.

The next afternoon, she discovered that the windscreen was smashed by a glass bottle.

According to the woman who admitted to throwing the glass bottle, she would throw things out of the window whenever she was upset.

“However, I would always ensure that there is no one passing by downstairs before I throw,” she added.

The woman said she was investigated by the police in 2009 for another killer litter incident.

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Woman punches 72-year-old cleaner at kopitiam for being too slow
Woman punches 72-year-old cleaner at kopitiam for being too slow

A woman who was unhappy with an old cleaner lady because she was too slow in clearing the dishes at a Kopitiam - punched her in the eye.

The incident happened at 2.05pm on 3 June at the Kopitiam located on the fourth level of Tampines Mall.

According to one witness, a 29 year-old doctor known only as Ms Wang, the heavyset woman in her forties began shouting at the old cleaner, a 72 year-old lady known only as Mdm Lin.

“She started screaming at her and even used profanities. She said she was slow and unwilling to help clear the table,” said Ms Wang.
The shouting went on even as the manager of the Kopitiam tried to mediate things.

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Homemakers, working-class struggle more with debt payments: study

Singapore consumers generally show good credit behaviour, but certain groups more than others have a harder time paying their debts, according to a recent study.

Unveiling a study on how nine consumer groups in Singapore manage their money and credit, DP Credit Bureau said on Tuesday that between a quarter to a third of consumers across nine segments have a high DP-Delphi Score, meaning they pay their debts in full and on time.

“This high percentage across all nine groups indicates that Singaporeans generally are very responsible users of credit,” the Singapore credit bureau said.

However, showing a low score were many consumers from three groups – “Working Class Traditionalists”, “Kopitiam Lifestyles” and “Contemporary Homemakers”. Found to be under greater financial stress, these consumers face a moderate to higher credit risk, said DP Credit Bureau.

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Sticker Lady vandal is traumatised, says her father
Mr Lo, a commercial pilot, said that he had no idea what she had been up to.

Miss Lo's uncle, Mr Kelvin Tan, 47, said that she was a nice, humble, independent and sincere person who was passionate about the local arts scene.

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Netizens plead for leniency for "My Grandfather Road" vandal

Netizens are speaking out in support of the 25-year-old woman behind the "My Grandfather Road" vandalism case.

Those Channel NewsAsia spoke to agreed that there is a fine line between street art and graffiti.

Netizens call her the "Sticker Lady" - the woman had designed and pasted stickers on traffic lights around Lau Pa Sat, Robinson Road and Maxwell Road.

Many from the online community said her work is an expression of creativity, not vandalism.

Close to 12,000 people have also signed an online petition, urging the authorities (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts) to review penalties for the "Sticker Lady".

They argue that a jail term of up to three years is too harsh for what should be seen as art, done in light humour of the local culture.

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Ex-grassroots leader jailed for molesting boy

A former grassroots leader was sentenced to 18 months' jail on Tuesday for molesting a five-year-old boy after a basketball game.

Kelvin Chan Kum Poh, 31, was a volunteer committee member at the Bishan East Community Sports Centre and Youth Executive Club when he met the boy at a game arcade in Causeway Point on Oct 1, 2010, the court heard.

Chan told the boy he wanted to take him out for a basketball game. The boy then took Chan to meet his 62-year-old grandmother, who agreed to let him do so after Chan showed her his grassroots leader's card.

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Ex-lecturer jailed for stealing from men she met at casino

A Malaysian woman addicted to gambling stole money from men whom she had befriended at a casino.

Melviana Johnson Fu, 30, committed the thefts after she had accompanied them to hotel rooms or, in one case, an apartment.

On one occasion, she even took the victim’s trousers, probably to prevent him from giving chase.

A district court on Wednesday jailed her for 10 months. She had pleaded guilty to committing three counts of theft.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Cyril Cheo said that in October 2010, she left the Resorts World Sentosa casino with a 47-year-old businessman.

While he was taking a shower, she left the hotel room with his trousers and wallet containing more than $6,300.

She returned to Malaysia. 

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Teen involved in Web chat scam says she was blinded by love

Blinded by love, she acted in a moment of folly.

That was 17-year-old Yap Siew Ting's explanation for her involvement in an Internet love scam, which saw one victim cheated of S$97,350.

The teen yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of extortion and another count of attempted extortion.

Two other charges of attempted extortion were also taken into consideration.

The judge has asked for a pre-sentencing report to assess Yap's suitability for probation and reformative training.

Earlier this year, Yap and her boyfriend Soh Zhi Ren Alexander, 21, were charged with extorting money through nude online video chats. The duo came up the idea in March last year after reading about online scams.

The couple then hatched a plan which saw Yap engaging her victims - two men in their 20s - in online conversations and persuading them to strip in front of a webcam.

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Coward or hero? 17-year-old slams S'pore DPM online

Coward or hero? 17-year-old slams S'pore DPM online
SINGAPORE - To some he is a hero, to others he is no more than an angry young man.

A 17-year-old student is now one of the biggest topics of debate in the local blogosphere following his response to Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Teo Chee Hean's participation in the opening ceremony of the annual Pre-U Seminar on May 29.

The event was organised by Millennia Institute this year at Nanyang Technological University.

He extolled his words of wisdom, or lack thereof, about DPM Teo on the Internet in his blog, saying that the elder statesmen did little to answer the questions of students and did more to deflect questions back to the students.

DPM Teo, 57, had attempted to engage an audience who were roughly four decades his junior during the Pre-U Seminar on topics such as moral degeneration among Singaporeans, unemployment and potential economic recession. 

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