Saturday, 19 May 2012

Contaminated Food

Michigan teenager finds part of finger in Arby's beef sandwich
A 14-year-old boy bit into part of a finger while eating at an Arby's restaurant in Michigan.

Ryan Hart was finishing his roast beef sandwich at the restaurant in Jackson when he tasted something rubbery, Michigan Live reported. He spat the item out.

Ryan told the website, "I was like, 'that's got to be a finger.' I was about to puke... it was just nasty."

The chunk of human flesh, which included the fingerprint, was around an inch long.

An employee at the restaurant cut her finger on a meat slicer just before the teenager's order was sent out.

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Food bought from 2 different stalls at same food court have foreign objects in them

STOMPer Ms Yeo was shocked at finding foreign objects in food purchased from 2 different stalls at the same food court within the same day.

She elaborates:

"I bought a packet of meehoon and mee with meat and vegetable at 8.30am today (April 10) from Kopitiam Bencoolen Street for my lunch. I felt very disgusted after seeing this silver strip in my food. It's from the JOLLY Wok stall.

"Then my colleague told me to take a picture for proof to complain. Feeling hungry as I didn't finish my mee hoon and mee. I went to the same food court to buy Indian rice at 12.30pm. Another item was found in my rice. I felt even more disgusted this time. The item is about 8cm long. Yucks!

"The item found in the Jolly Wok food is about 2cm and silver in colour. The Indian store's item was plastic when I touched it. It's a black colour strip that's 8cm long. I wonder if a kid or an adult may choke if they eat too fast.

"Disappointed with the 2 stores, eating the wrong choice of food."

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Fancy a cockroach with your curry rice?

STOMPer Stephanie was enjoying her curry rice at Kovan food centre, until she spotted a cockroach in her food.

Stephanie says:

"Cockroach with curry rice.

"As I was enjoying my dinner of curry rice at Kovan food centre, I was astounded to have such a find!

"I lost all my appetite after spotting 'it'!


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We have apologised twice: Old Chang Kee

This picture of an unidentified insect that surfaced in an Old Chang Kee sardine puff has been making its rounds online. (Photo courtesy of Maggie Jana)

Beleaguered Old Chang Kee on Tuesday said they apologised twice to the customer who said she found an unidentified insect in one of the snack chain's signature sardine puffs.

"We have apologised to the customer on two different occasions for her unpleasant experience," Old Chang Kee said in a post on its Facebook page, adding that the company had just completed independent annual checks for HACCP certification in its food safety management system.

"Food hygiene and customer service remain our overriding priorities," the company said. "We will continue to do our utmost best to strengthen our processes in both areas."

In response to the company's statement, 25-year-old Maggie Jana said that its public relations executive only apologised after she had asked her to do so.

KFC Malaysia staff in scandalous videos

We’ve been tipped off by on a recent social media disaster at KFC Malaysia that was caused by two scandalous videos of several KFC employees.

But many might not have realized that such a big problem was brewing at KFC Malaysia since the fast food chain’s PR folks, in my opinion, did a pretty good job in handling the case.

The social media disaster started last October when someone sent a video clip to KFC Malaysia that shows a staff member tampering with the food while preparing it. We did a quick search and found these two videos, which likely show the offending incidents:

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A pizza to go, please, but hold the bandage
Ken Wieczerza holds a piece of Pizza Hut pizza with a bloody band-aid he found on it while taking a bite of the pizza at his home in Ballston Lake, N.Y. on Thursday, July 28, 2011.(Lori Van Buren / Times Union) Photo: Lori Van Buren
Ken Wieczerza holds a piece of Pizza Hut pizza with a bloody band-aid he found on it while taking a bite of the pizza at his home in Ballston Lake, N.Y. on Thursday, July 28, 2011.(Lori Van Buren / Times Union)   

BALLSTON LAKE -- Ken Wieczerza usually loves a slice of leftover pizza from the refrigerator.

But when he bit into this particular piece of cold Pizza Hut pie, he recoiled when his teeth encountered an unexpected ingredient: a blue bandage with what appeared to be remnants of dried blood.

"It felt kind of like biting into a folded-up piece of plastic," he recalled. "I can't think of anything more disgusting than chewing on a bandage, other than a body part. Fortunately, I didn't swallow it."

The bandage was baked into the bottom crust with a slight indentation, he said. The approximately 1-by-3-inch adhesive strip in a bright blue hue was dotted with what looked like blood droplets.

The revolting find came on June 9, the day after he purchased the large supreme pizza with pepperoni, ham, green peppers and other toppings as takeout from a Clifton Park location.

Since then, the bandage and half-eaten slice has been sealed in a plastic zip-close bag and stored in his freezer as evidence while Wieczerza has engaged in a rising contretemps with Pizza Hut officials.

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Fancy cockroaches with your curry? Bugs found scuttling along floor of Indian takeaway
Health hazard: cockroaches on the kitchen floor at Spice E4 (Picture: Waltham Forest council)
German cockroaches have been found scuttling along the kitchen floor of an Indian takeaway in east London.

Health inspectors closed down Spice E4 in Chingford after the grim discovery.

They found "several dead and live cockroaches in the cellophane dispenser" and "dead cockroaches were littered throughout the business", according to a report.

They said the pests were likely to have contaminated restaurant food.

It said: "Cockroaches could easily access food preparation work tops, some of which held open containers of food."

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Restaurant diner finds blood on food

After eating half a meal at a Houston-area restaurant, a woman was told there was blood on the food -- human blood. That woman is worried about her health and demanding action from the restaurant.

It happened at the Cracker Barrel in Kingwood on Highway 59 near Northpark Drive.

Susan Mosher says the problem stems from an injured restaurant worker, and she says it's left her paranoid for days.

Mosher says her problems with cracker barrel all started two weeks ago.

When she was dining with her husband at this location off Highway 59 in Kingwood and ordered the BLT.

"I ate about half of my sandwich and a couple of the fries, and I looked down, and there is blood," Mosher said.

Human blood, according to Mosher, was covering some of her fries and the plate.

"Actually, it looked like fingerprints from someone's hand. Like they took the fries, and you could see the prints on the fries, blood," she said.

Mosher says she freaked out.

"The waitress had came over, I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. Because as soon as she seen it, she knew also what it was, and she just kept saying Oh my God, Oh my God, and took it and ran to the kitchen," Mosher said.

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McDonald’s Worker Spits in Tea: How Gross is Fast Food?

Police in South Carolina say that a McDonald's worker spit in two customers' cups of iced tea after they returned them because they weren't sweet enough. A video shows the employee,19-year-old Marvin Washington Jr., leaning over the open cups before giving them back.

The fast food chain patrons claim they discovered phlegm in the drinks when they removed their tops. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with malicious tampering with food.

Eating out can be an exercise in suspended disbelief. Wide eyed, we assume the food is fresh and wholesome and that workers have followed the "employees must wash hands" decree posted in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, the McDonald's incident is so sickening because it actually bears out the urban legend that a disdainful waiter can and will contaminate your food if you tick him off.

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'Raw and uncooked' describes this chicken burger served at popular fast food chain

STOMPer Steven was shocked to find that the roast chicken was uncooked on the inside after taking a few bites of his burger bought from a popular fast food restaurant chain.

He felt uncomfortable about this incident and had since called the resaturant's hotline to lodge a complaint.

The STOMPer wrote:

"I was having a quick lunch from a popular 'chicken' fast food restaurant chain.

"I ordered a set meal which included a roasted meat burger and I was shocked by what I saw after a few bites.

"The meat served was raw and uncooked.

"Were there even any measures taken to ensure the safety of their food?"

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