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Update 19 Oct 2014: Killer litter at Jurong West
It was a mess at the foot of a Housing Board flat on Tuesday morning after an elderly man living on the 11th floor allegedly started dumping things out of his window. There were unzipped bags and pieces of clothing strewn across the floor, together with plastic bags and broken plastic containers

She heard a series of heavy thuds while preparing breakfast for her children on Tuesday morning.

The housewife, who wanted to be known as Madam Lai, was alarmed. But she ignored the noises as she was busy tending to the stove.

What she didn't realise was that someone was throwing killer litter from the 11th storey.

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Resident tosses junk out her flat with no regard for cleanliness or safety

A resident of a housing block at Strathmore Avenue has upset her neighbours by throwing items out of her flat window, endangering the lives of her fellow residents.

Stomp contributor Chan wrote in to the citizen journalism website to express her frustration on how her upstairs neighbour at Block 48 of Strathmore Avenue constantly throws rubbish out of her flat.

The discarded items include unfinished food, empty bottles, styrofoam boxes, batteries, used tissues and more.

Woman hit by bike wheel flung from flat now in coma
The 67-year-old woman who was hit last month by a bicycle wheel thrown from a block of flats stopped breathing on Tuesday and had to be resuscitated.

Madam Mahani Abdullah has been comatose since then, her niece, Ms Nadia Abdullah Sani, told The Straits Times yesterday.

Doctors said Madam Mahani suffered brain damage when her heart stopped, and told the family to prepare for the worst, added Ms Nadia, 36, a client services manager.

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Elderly woman hit by bicycle wheel at Eunos Crescent: Alleged culprit is same teen arrested in Dec over killer litter
The photo on the left (WANBAO) shows Madam Mahani lying at the foot of the block after she was hit by the wheel while the photo on the right (SHIN MIN) shows her in hospital.

A 16-year-old teenager was charged in court on Saturday after an elderly woman was hit by a bicycle wheel which had apparently been thrown from a block of flats.

On Friday, Stomper Nurdina saw paramedics attending to a woman who had been hit by the wheel that was thrown down Block 1 at Eunos Crescent.

67-year-old Madam Mahani Abdullah was conveyed conscious to Singapore General Hospital.

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5kg potted plant smashes through parked car's windscreen at Yishun Street 81
Ms Wang, 42, was informed by a neighbour about the damage to her car at around 3pm on Sunday. Photo: Shin Min

A potted plant weighing about 5kg plunged nine storeys and smashed through the windscreen of a car parked at Yishun Street 81 on Sunday (June 1).

According to a report in MyPaper, the car belongs to Ms Wang, 42, whose Toyota was parked at the carpark of Block 871 in Yishun Street 81 when the plant fell on it.

Ms Wang told Shin Min that a neighbour informed her about the damage to her car at around 3pm on Sunday.

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Flowerpot smashes through walkway roof: This could have hit someone's head

STOMPer Phua was stunned by this flowerpot that fell onto the roof of a covered walkway in Ang Mo Kio, cracking roof tiles and sending a shower of debris to the ground below

According to the STOMPer the incident had occurred at Block 319 at about 7pm in the evening. The STOMPer wrote:

"A pot dropped from HDB and cracked a hole in the shelter. This was seen at Block 319 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.

Killer litter hazard: Potted plants left out on Tampines flat's air-conditioner compressor pose danger to residents

The sight of potted plants left out on an air-conditioing compressor unit of a Tampines flat left STOMPer Kelvin concerned over the safety of residents walking at the foot of the block. In his report, STOMPer Kelvin wrote:

"Dear neighbour living in Block 301 Tampines Street 32, I understand you may be a plant lover.

"However, you are endangering your neighbours by putting your plant on the air-con compressor unit outside your home!"

Despite government efforts, high-rise littering in Singapore refuses to go away

The problem of high-rise littering appears to be rearing its ugly head again, with the number of offenders being caught each month doubling since December

Worryingly, potential killer litter remains a concern — half of the 2,200 or so complaints on high-rise littering that the People’s Action Party (PAP)-run town councils get every year are related to this.

Notably, there were three such cases in the span of one week in December, when items such as a dustbin, a microwave oven, bricks and a water dispenser were flung down from flats.

Man arrested for throwing bicycle from flat

Police have arrested a 58-year-old man who is believed to have thrown a bicycle and household items from the common corridor and kitchen window of his flat.

In a statement, police said they were informed at about 12.54pm that the items had been thrown from an unidentified floor of a block of flats at Bukit Merah View.

Through enquiries and information from a member of the public, police established the suspect's identity, located his flat, and arrested him.

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Sofa thrown from 4th floor - 2 arrested

A woman in her 40s was walking past Block 492 Jurong West Street 41 on New Year's Eve when the two-seater sofa landed in front of her, Chinese evening paper Shin Min Daily reported.

A spokesperson for the police said they received a call on Dec 31, 2013, at 1.20pm. The caller required police assistance to Block 492 Jurong West Street 41. Upon arrival, the officers saw that a sofa had been thrown from height and was found on the ground at the said location.

Two men have been arrested in relation to the case

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Man throws 10kg air cooler from 7th floor, almost hits pregnant woman

A pregnant woman had a narrow escape on Thursday night when an air cooler came crashing down and almost hit her.

A 45-year-old man was arrested on Thursday night for throwing various killer litter objects, including an air cooler weighing at least 10kg, from the seventh floor of Block 8 St. George's Lane.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incident occurred at about 8.42pm, and that police and Singapore Civil Defence Force officers took two hours to nab the suspect, who was topless at the time. A witness known only as Desmond, who lives opposite Block 8, told Shin Min that he went to look out of his kitchen window after hearing a loud thump and sounds of shattering glass.

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Last night, there was a disturbance at St George's Lane in Boon Keng when household items were thrown from a 7th floor HDB flat at around 8:30 in the evening.

Passers-by were put in danger when large items including a microwave, an aircon compressor, a glass tank and several other items were thrown out the window.

The commotion drew a crowd of over 70 people and several police officers and SCDF staff were activated.

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Killer litter that hit man in Eunos Crescent: 15-year old suspected of throwing bricks from flat arrested

A 15-year-old teenager has been arrested in relation to a series of rash acts of throwing items down a housing block in Eunos Crescent.

Earlier, a STOMPer reported that a brick thrown down from a unit above hers had hit a man on the hand, which resulted in the police being called in.

According to the STOMPer, items such as bricks, flower ports and even a bicycle have been flung off the block before.

Two men arrested for hurling sofa from 4th floor of Jurong West flat
Man arrested after throwing 10kg air cooler and fish tank off St George's Lane flat
Man gets hit by killer litter thrown down Eunos Crescent block
Ultimate killer litter: First rubbish, then flowerpots, now an entire shelf
Killer Litter

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Boy's skull cracked by rock thrown from HDB flat

A Primary 6 pupil of Woodlands Ring Primary School was hit on the head by a rock thrown from a high floor of Block 611 Woodlands Ring Road on Tuesday (Oct 8).

The rock, the size of a man’s fist, cracked the skull of Khairul Azhar, 12, and he needed an operation to have titanium surgical screws inserted in his skull to prevent brain damage.

The incident happened at about 3pm just when Khairul and his friends were running for shelter after a brick landed near them while they chatting at a badminton court near their school.

Killer litter smashes car windscreen and damages roof
Woman dries table -- by placing it precariously on 12th floor window ledge
Neighbour's used ear buds, food, cigarette butts rain down on STOMPer's laundry
Flowerpot smashes through walkway roof: This could have hit someone's head

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MPs get hands dirty nabbing litterbugs

Two Members of Parliament have been pounding the ground at their wards for a different kind of grassroots work, as part of a push to stop high-rise littering.

Ms Tin Pei Ling (Marine Parade GRC) and Mr Baey Yam Keng (Tampines GRC) picked up a used sanitary pad and soiled diapers in their respective wards recently, and have been trying to hunt down the culprits.

Mr Baey, meanwhile, was spurred to act after he saw a bunched-up diaper lying on a grass patch between the block where he conducts his weekly Meet-the-People sessions, and the adjacent multistorey carpark.

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Tin Pei Ling goes after resident who threw sanitary pad

A case of high-rise littering raised the ire of the ward’s MP – so much so that she decided to hunt the errant resident down

When the MP for Marine Parade GRC Ms Tin Pei-Ling discovered that a resident had been disposing tampons out of the window, she spared no effort to look for the culprit – even though it meant combing through 7 floors worth of households.

Last week, the Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that residents had complained of ‘diapers’ being frequently found at the foot of Blk 444 at Tampines Street 42. The final straw came when their MP, Mr Baey Yam Keng recovered a diaper that was still ‘warm’, prompting him to search over 12 floors to catch the diaper-throwing culprit.

It therefore came as a surprise when Ms Tin Pei-Ling was caught in the same sticky situation – but with tampons this time.


Tin Pei Ling goes after resident who threw sanitary pad
NEA will be notified if the situation worsens

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MP Baey Yam Keng on an interesting yet unfortunate occurrence in Tampines town

Story of the soiled diaper continues. With GM of Tampines Town Council, we brought the diaper to visit all 11 units of the column where the diaper was found.

Three units have babies. I think we managed to identify which unit was the culprit. Without concrete evidence, I could only warn the maid not to do so. Hope that will born home the message.

Will monitor the situation.

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Keep Killer Litter Away

Penalty for Placing Objects in a Hazardous Manner
  • If residents fail to remove objects that are placed in a hazardous manner even after receiving a written notice from HDB, HDB can take summons action against them.
  • If convicted, residents are liable to a maximum fine of $2,000. If they do not remove the object after the conviction, they are liable to a further fine of $100 per day for as long as the offence continues.
Penalty for Throwing Objects
  • Residents who are convicted under the Penal Code for an offence relating to throwing of killer litter are liable to a maximum jail term of 5 years or a fine, or both.
  • HDB may also compulsorily acquire ownership of the flat or terminate the tenancy, if it is a rental flat
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From Teabags to Soiled Diaper & Sanitary Pad to Killer Litter

After the Cleaner Appreciation event yesterday afternoon (see post below), I took a walk around the common space at blks 128, 129 and 130 Bukit Merah View and checked out the environment.

Was dismayed to see this palm tree adorned with tea bags, obviously thrown from a higher floor and which had snagged on the leaves and branches. It was like a Christmas tree except that instead of pretty ornaments, this poor tree was festooned with used Dilmah tea bags!

Was it really so difficult, one wonders, to lift the tea bag out of the mug or cup, and carry it a few feet to the rubbish container that must surely be in the home?

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